Awards received by RCBA

2017 California Emergency Services Association – Southern California Chapter

Silver Award – “For the Innovative Development and Implementation of the Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management”

2016 Red Cross Real Heroes Award – Community Partner Honoree
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2016 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) –
FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards
• Honorable Mention – Community Preparedness Champion

• Honorable Mention – Preparing the Whole Community

2015 U.S. Chamber Foundation Citizens Award “Best Disaster Response & Community Resilience Program”
Finalist: Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
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Awards presented by RCBA

Recognizing the accomplishments and contributions to prepare employees, protect and continue business operations and contribute to community recovery in the event of large-scale disasters.”

“Commitment to Emergency Preparedness Award”  Winners:


Rancho Carlsbad

Rancho Carlsbad Owners’ Association – Emergency Response Team Awarded for:

  • Developing, and maintaining a comprehensive emergency plan
  • Planned for the safety of some of our community’s potentially more vulnerable members
  • Exercising their emergency plan in 2019 by conducting a full-scale community evacuation
  • Routinely interfacing with other community preparedness organizations
  • Outstanding performance as a community volunteer organization


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Viasat awarded for:

• Training employees in disaster response
• Coordinating active incident response exercises
• Promoting public safety values and emergency preparedness


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La Costa Glen awarded for:

• Having a multiple community emergency plan
• Exception detail to hazardous material
• Coordinating mobility and accessibility for the elderly during a disaster



Legoland Awarded for:

• Promoting public safety values and emergency preparedness
• Coordinating active incident response exercises
• Participating in regional emergency preparedness councils and organizations
• Training employees in disaster response



Scripps Awarded for:
• Actively promoting the values of public safety and emergency preparedness from its chief executive officer on down
• Coordinating and hosting a complex and well-attended county-wide workplace violence active shooter exercise
• Routinely participating, and often taking a leadership role in, regional emergency preparedness councils and organizations
• Having a fully implemented incident command system
• Training employees in disaster response
• Developing comprehensive emergency plans and routinely conducting hazard vulnerability analyses
• Recently providing medical aid, relieving suffering and providing healthcare services to victims of the Nepal earthquake



SDGE Awarded for:
• Maintaining a comprehensive community fire safety program, and relationships that serve customers with access or functional needs
• A proactive public education program which direct mails nearly 35,000 preparedness brochures in multiple languages
• Preparedness partnerships with 53 fire agencies, firesafe councils, CERT teams and other community organizations
• Providing charitable grants to support numerous regional preparedness organizations and defensible space programs
• An award-winning vegetation management program maintaining more than 400,000 trees.
• A dedicated emergency operations center, three mobile command centers and agreements to provide one of the largest domestic aerial firefighting resources to support fire suppression efforts this season.
• Its contribution to fire recovery operations at the Poinsettia fire incident command post in May, 2014.



Air Products Awarded for:
• Creating a mandatory employee emergency response training requirement.
• Maintaining a crisis management plan that includes annual drills with the Carlsbad fire department and County Hazmat department .
• Maintaining an emergency action plan that is communicated to all employees, a facility database that includes critical information for all global sites and a employee emergency line for off-site employees.
• Organizing an emergency response team with 16 employees that train monthly to respond to emergencies.
• Organizing a building evacuation team comprised of thirteen employees, a crisis management team of 10 members that respond to different emergencies and 8 member team charged with patrolling the perimeter.
• Sharing its comprehensive emergency action plan with others in its industry at conferences and with local businesses that have used it to create their own plans.